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Read more...Pakistan: Summary of concerns and recommendations
Freedom of religion or belief (FoRB) concerns in Pakistan range from everyday institutional and social discrimination to targeted mass killings at places of worship. A recent CSW fact-finding visit to Pakistan found that in the last several years increasing sectarian violence, a volatile society, lack of accountability, perpetrator impunity and the widespread societal influence and control of unchecked extremist groups have exacerbated the situation to intolerable levels. 01/08/2014

Read more...Nepal: Summary of concerns and recommendations
The right to freedom of religion or belief has particular importance in Nepal at this pivotal moment in its history, as it defines and establishes the vital new constitution for its future as a fully democratic secular republic. 29/07/2014

Read more...Laos: Protestant Christians' right to freedom of religion or belief
CSW’s latest Laos briefing outlines common violations against Protestant Christians by state actors including forced eviction and pressure on new converts to recant. The briefing also notes that the key document on religious activities, Decree 92, is believed to be in the final stages of preparation, and considers the context in which the Decree is being revised. 20/05/2014

Read more...Mexico: Assignment report
Religious freedom violations are on the rise in Chiapas in southern Mexico. These violations include the deprivation of basic services including water and electricity, forced conversion, physical violence, expropriation of property and forced displacement. In all these cases, the victims are targeted on the basis of their religious beliefs. 19/05/2014

Read more...Sudan: Rising restrictions on freedom of religion or belief
In the lead up to South Sudan’s independence, President Omar al Bashir began calling repeatedly for a 100% Islamic Sudan. On 19 December 2010, he warned, “If South Sudan secedes, we will change the constitution and at that time there will be no time to speak of diversity of culture and ethnicity." 16/05/2014

Read more...Sudan: Freedom of religion or belief
The Republic of Sudan has existed in its present form since July 2011, following the independence of South Sudan. Since then, the situation for religious minorities in Sudan has become critical. Over 97% of those living in Sudan are Muslim. Not only are Christians in Sudan obstructed from practising their faith, they are often actively persecuted for doing so. 16/05/2014

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