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Read more...Syria: At Least 90 Abducted From Christian Villages
The Islamist jihadi group Daesh (Islamic State) has kidnapped at least 90 people from mainly Assyrian Christian villages in north east Syria. 24/02/2015

Read more...Sudan: Lawyers Appeal Court Order to Close Khartoum Bahri Evangelical Church
Lawyers representing the Khartoum Bahri Evangelical Church in North Khartoum are due to lodge an appeal today against a court decision to confiscate the remaining property at the site and permanently close the church. 19/02/2015

Read more...Sudanese Authorities Detain Two Clergymen and Harrass Church Official
Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) has confirmed that South Sudanese clergymen Rev Yat Michael and Rev Peter Yein Reith are currently detained in Khartoum by Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS). NISS officials are also orchestrating a campaign of harassment against the chairman of the Sudan Evangelical Presbyterian Church (SEPC) council responsible for church buildings and land, Mr Rafat Samir Mussad Obid. 18/02/2015

Read more...Authorities Raid Homes of Three Christians, Pastor Irani Refused Conditional Release
Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) has been informed that Iranian intelligence (VEVAK) agents raided the homes of Yasser Mosayebzadeh, Saheb Fadaie and Mehdi Reza Omidi (Youhan) in Rasht on 16 February, confiscating bibles, laptops, Christian CDs and literature. 18/02/2015

Read more...China: Hong Kong Christians Demands Information About Imprisoned Bishop
Hong Kong Catholics, including Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun, have demanded official confirmation of the reported death of imprisoned Chinese Bishop Cosmas Shi Enxiang. 18/02/2015

Read more...Egypt Launches Air Strikes in Response to Murders of 21 Christians
Egypt has launched a series of air strikes in response to the murders of 21 Egyptian Christians by Daesh (Islamic State) in Libya. 16/02/2015

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