CSW leaders make an impact in Washington DC  01/03/2012

CSW has long had strong connections with politicians and lawmakers in the USA who are passionate to see religious freedom improve worldwide. It's a special privilege to be able to meet and work with them.

“People we met with were staggered at the amount of names on the Egypt petition”

CSW has just returned from Washington DC, where our CEO Mervyn Thomas and Special Ambassador Stuart Windsor delivered the No Way Out petition for Egyptian Christians, which thousands of you signed last year. They also took every opportunity to raise awareness of our new Cry Freedom campaign with congressmen, senators, and Christian politicians from around the world.

One of their most important meetings was with Ambassador Jackie Wolcott, the Executive Director of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), and her staff. Mervyn recalls: “It was good to hear her express her great appreciation of CSW's work. Generally people we met with were staggered at the amount of names on the Egypt petition. Also, it was a great honor to attend the annual National Prayer Breakfast again, and to hear President Obama speak”.

New CSW office opening in Washington DC

We are delighted to be able to tell you we are opening an office in Washington DC! This will now make it much easier for CSW to liaise directly with high-level American politicians, and make impact faster. Please do pray for our efforts there and for continuous favour with US influencers that are so key in helping to improve religious freedom worldwide.

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